To enable you to demonstrate where you have directed your environmental and social efforts, Pranali will comprehensively suggest various actions and activities that your business can undertake, and provide complete and customizable reports.


Access our knowledge repository of potential actions towards specialized Targets or Performance Standards

Extensive experience in providing practical compliance solutions to modern businesses

Readily available experts to advise you on how to efficiently mitigate risk

Infuse Pranali into your existing reporting mechanism with ease

Solution Features

Comprehensive Dashboard

Graphical representation and interactive charts of completed tasks with easy access to all assigned tasks for specific users


View and act on the actions specifically assigned to that user. Business actions are bundled into relevant themes

Role-based Access

Restrict a performer’s access to the actions assigned to him. Monitor overall progress as supervisor/observer

Easy Controls

Create and manage users and their roles, hierarchy of departments, units, and entities

Customizable and Connected

Create custom linkages between your principles, users, and actions. Identify relevant themes and actions across your organization.

Sustainability Frameworks and Guidelines

Pranali will provide coverage of the most relevant and progressive frameworks like SDG & EPs for business to adopt, implement, and innovate

Value Proposition

Seamlessly and efficiently take actions towards objectives like Sustainable Development Goals

Intelligently and comprehensively cover business actions

Create comprehensive and customizable reports on your business’ environmental and social efforts

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