Although intellectual properties are intangible & incorporeal assets, when it comes to asset protection, consolidation & security, we treat them at par with corporeal assets.

We understand that intellectual properties are invaluable assets that need a sustained focus, a concrete approach & a deep understanding of business, legal landscape, & commercial realities. In developing, concretizing & consolidating Intellectual Property Rights, we focus on searching, drafting & filling IPRs such that the future commercial potential of intellectual properties are preserved & protected.

Our expertise and track record enable us to provide a One Stop Solution for all IP requirements. 

PPP Philosophy


Promote an innovation culture across an organization in a methodical manner. We conduct IP awareness sessions, which help organizations formulate IP policies and strategies that become the bedrock of an innovative work culture


Protect the IPs by ironing out the inventions and drafting them meticulously to secure the rights appropriately


Profit from the IPs by helping the clients find appropriate buyers and licensors for the IP secured


Auditing and Licensing

  • Technology Audits for mining Patentable ideas
  • Audit of Patent portfolio
  • Identification of potential licensees or licensors
  • Drafting Licensing or assignment agreement

Patent Research and Analytics

  • Basic Prior Art Search
  • Comprehensive Prior Art Search
  • Invalidity Search
  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Accelerated Examination Search
  • Technology Landscape search
  • Specialized Search

Patent Prosecution

  • Preparing and filing response for Examination Report issued by Indian Patent office or any foreign jurisdiction
  • Attending Hearing with the Controller at the Indian Patent office
  • Filing amendments to Patent application in India or any foreign jurisdiction
  • Filing appeals of Patents in India
  • Patent Opposition and Enforcement Actions

Patent Creation

  • Inventor Interviews / Identifying Invention
  • Patent Drafting
    • Provisional Patent Specification
    • Complete Patent Specifications
    • Divisional Patent Specification
    • Patent of Addition
  • Patent Filing

    • Ordinary Indian Patent application
    • National Phase Indian Application in India
    • National Phase Application outside India
    • Patent Application in India by Convention route
    • Patent Application outside India by convention Route
    • PCT Application
    •  Request for approval of controller under section 39
    • Assignment / License recordals
    • Filing statement and undertaking under Section 8
    • Renewal of Patents in India and Overseas
    • Preparing and submitting statement of working for Patents

Value Proposition

  IP Docketing Solution

Global Benchmarked Standards and Processes

Delivery Centres

Dedicated Resources

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