Legasis Intellectual Property Solution – LIPs is a comprehensive, web-based Intellectual Property (IP) docketing solution for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Designs, designed and developed by Legasis Services to ensure that workflows take into account IP laws and nuances of global IP laws.


Solution Features

Patent Module
  • Covers Domestic, PCT, Convention, and National Phase Patents
  • Covers all types of Provisional, Non provisional, Patent of Addition, and Divisional applications
  • Provides alerts for various activities like Filing of Complete Specification, Compliance of Section 8, Filing of Power of authority, Declaration of Inventorship, Proof of assignment etc.
  • Manages Patent Renewals
Trademark Module
  • Manages Domestic and Foreign trademark cases and deadlines
  • Manages all records and transactional documents including cease and desist notices and oppositions
  • Manages renewals of Registered marks worldwide
  • Manages Madrid applications
Design & Copyrights Module
  • Manages portfolio of designs filed worldwide
  • Manages library of copyrights filed worldwide
Invoice Module


Annuity Module

Value Proposition

Idea Capturing

Provides innovators/inventors the ability to document their idea that requires minimal Paperwork


Keep track of each stage of the lifecycle of IP assets


Allow analytics & exporting of reports

Cloud Based

Can be accessed anywhere & anytime

Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts for Statutory Due Dates

Role-based Access

Allows for modifying users and their privileges

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