Due Diligence Digitally Delivered

One product. Multiple uses.

Use our enhanced Due Diligence reports to help you comply with anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, and corruption regulations ahead of a merger, acquisition, or a joint venture. You can also use them for third-party risk assessment, on-boarding decision-making, and identifying beneficial ownership structures.

Simplify the due diligence process

Identify key risk issues clearly and concisely using accurate information in a well-structured and transparent report format. Our comprehensive range of reports includes specialized reports that support specific compliance requirements.

Protect your business

Protect your reputation and the risk of financial damage and regulatory action using our reports. They provide a thorough understanding of your customer, supplier, and other third-parties, helping you avoid those involved with financial crime

Preliminary Assessment


In-Depth Assessment (if required)

Risk Analysis


Risk & Compliance

M & A

Value Proposition

In house research capabilities

Comprehensive research methods

100% Quality Assurance

Legal, Discreet and Ethical

Our 300+ researchers only access risk information in the public domain, using respectful, non-invasive data collection methods.

Trusted information sources

Numerous corroborating public – and covert – human intelligence sources, leveraging structured World-Check Risk Intelligence data

Comprehensive background checks

Entire risk map of the party detailing its beneficial ownership, operating and litigation history, and of its key management, and decision-makers

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