De-Risti is an Enterprise Risk Management solution that enables your organization to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs and lower loss rates.

The application can be integrated with other key enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions, giving you a single point reference on pecuniary, prosecution, reputational, business continuity & fiduciary risk, and thus enabling strategic, enterprise-wide decision-making.

De-Risti provides a guided process for developing a data-driven ERM program that aligns your entire organization to the same strategic goals.


Solution Features

Adaptive Risk Register

Library of over 200 risk, that can be easily adapted to your Risk management program, while allowing you to add self-identified risks at any time. Further organisational Controls & Mitigation plans can be added to manage identified risk

Complex Legal & Regulatory compliance tasks translated into simple and easy to understand language with clear deadlines and follow-up recommendations

Data-driven Risk Score

Configured to auto-calculate the probability & impact of risk, based on organisation’s risk matrix through a data driven process.

Easy Integration

Integration with various ERP solutions to ensure accurate & automated reporting. Provides proactive alerts for action plans, and review of specific controls.    

Multi-jurisdictional Workflow

Supports reporting on risk parameters with multi-jurisdictional workflows to allow for better risk monitoring & analysis.

Wide Organogram 

Six unique user roles, to facilitate adaptation to a wide variety of organisational structures.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports through heat-maps, action meters to comparative & performance analysis.    

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