Data Privacy & Protection 

With an ever-changing global landscape and an increased reliance on data, we strive to enable organizations to be compliant with Privacy Laws across the globe. In light of increasing enforcement of various privacy legislation, it is time for Indian entities with foreign interests to get their Privacy practices in line with the laws of the lands.

Get the best advise and training from privacy leaders in the areas of Privacy Policy Management; GDPR, CCPA, LGPD & other privacy law compliance requirements by signing up for our services.


Consultation & Evaluation on Privacy Policy of entities
GDPR and CCPA compliance preparedness
Advising on all aspects of privacy regulations mapped to the client’s apparent risks
Awareness sessions and Certification courses in Privacy and Protection
Workshops to elucidate the importance of Privacy and Protection to your employees

Value Proposition

Seasoned professionals and experts to provide best advise for relevant industries and their privacy concerns

Tailor-made specific consulting on issues related to Privacy Policy, Privacy Risk Management

Interactive learning and awareness sessions promoting increased adoption

Vast experience in providing critical compliance advice to modern businesses that are dependent on data

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