Hawkeye – Audit Services

Audits are long and tedious, and companies are looking for ways to modernize and
simplify audit processes through technology. Our platform, Hawkeye, does exactly that.

Hawkeye is a tech-enabled compliance audit platform designed to streamline a
company’s compliance review process. It offers a comprehensive monitoring and
review mechanism, enabling you to track unit-level compliance across various
locations with secure cloud-based data storage.


Paperless & secure document and report management
Warrants traceability and accuracy, and improves output
Real time visibility and reports
Cloud-based application
Structured workflows and minimum intervention

Value Proposition


Save time through increased operational efficiency

Built by Audit Experts

Automated evidence requests and customizable workflow designed to streamline testing and review 

Remote Data Collection

Virtual data collection and site visits  

100% Traceability

Auto reminders for remedial action triggers to create a robust audit trail

Document Accessibility

Availability of document download & upload option for auditor as well as auditee

Risk-Based Approach

Simplify escalation and follow-up of time-sensitive, critical risk issues

Findings and Recommendations

Configurable workflows to review and monitor findings and recommendations 


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